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Shimano B01S Brake Pad


Sale - Shimano Disc Brake Resin Pad B01S Shimano original synthetic resin pads with high braking performance for maximum power on your Shi..


Shimano R55C4 Brake Shoes


Sale - Shimano Brake Shoes/Pad R55C4 for Carbon Rim - Shimano Dura-Ace, Ultegra, 105 The Shimano R55C4 brake pads (2 pairs) ar..


Swissstop FlashPro Black Prince (Full)


Sale - Swissstop FlashPro Black Prince Full Type Elite Specifications Excellent modulation, cooler temperatures and great wet weather brake performance. The Black Prince brings the feel of braking on alloy wheels to carbon wheels. On a gradual downhill slope, drag each brake lightly f..


Magura 4-Piston Brake Pad


Sale - Magura Brake Pad Four Pistons 8.R & 8.P & 8.S The bed-in phase is essential to ensue you get maximu..


Magura 2-Piston Brake Pad


Sale - Magura Brake Pad Two Pistons 7.R & 7.P & 7.S The bed-in phase is essent..

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