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Ecocana Sdn Bhd

Ecocana Sdn Bhd (a.k.a Ecocana Sports or Ecocana) is a company dedicated in providing sustainable and active lifestyle mobility to the public. We not only provide sale and rental service of bicycles and electric scooters throughout Peninsula Malaysia with an emphasis on Klang Valley region, but also held cycling events or activities for companies, groups and individuals. Established in year 2012, Ecocana has long been involved in the industry by starting their first operation with a physical counter in Forest Research of Institution Malaysia, Kepong till year 2018. Our first retail outlet is opened in year 2020 and now operated in Gamuda Gardens Waterfront Village.

Ecocana achieves the corporate aim with the application of three main principles: convenient, reliable and affordable to our customers.By the principle of convenience, our customers are hassle-free on the bicycle maintenance and transportation because Ecocana delivers bicycles and electric scooters whenever and wherever they wish to ride. They have the options to choose simple fun ride bicycles, premium mountain bikes for off road biking, premium road bikes for high performance road biking and different options of electric scooters.

Our products and services are reliable when Ecocana ensures the products are in good condition before they are rent or sold to the customers. For electric scooters, they are equipped with certified batteries. This has greatly reduced the rate of a product breakdown when they are sent to the customers.By providing rental options it greatly reduces the cost of buying a whole new bicycles and electric scooters. This gives them the possibility to ride with an affordable option rather than paying a huge upfront cost. We also sell our used bicycles and electric scooters at a much lower cost than a brand new one and it is still in good working condition. Ecocana believes these three company principles would allow the company to promote a more active lifestyle society, reduces carbon footprint and a more sustainable means of commuting.